Friday, July 10, 2009

life's not that simple

i told you i had gone to sleep. i lied.
i told you i hadn't seen you. i saw you.
some days i say too many things i don't mean to.
maybe today is one of those days.
i don't care, i'll go on.
i'm afraid of boredom and you?
i'm afraid of making the wrong choice, and you?
i'm afraid of dying, and you?
i'd like to walk taking time's hand. never behind it.
i'm happy. however, i wish happy hours lasted longer.
i'm not depressed or sad. sometimes i feel like the luckiest one.
i'm just a little bit crazy, i'm sorry.
(my name's agostina and today i'd write all night long)


  1. i'm just as crazy as you are
    so don't worry my friend

    i miss our long conversations about life

  2. And I am also as crazy as you both are.
    Sometimes i wonder that is to be crazy, sometimes i wonder if that craziness is what keeps me safe from insanity, ironic, huh?
    Sometimes this feeling burns all day long,
    sometimes there are no feelings burning at all,
    Maybe im am a dreamer, maybe i am not
    maybe nothing's worth all of this
    I am sure of only one thing, i will never figure this out, i will never understand why life is not just a bit easier, i will never figure out myself, so stranded
    i am stranded, lost inside myself
    I am not afraid, madness keeps all real,
    you are not the only one
    you know?

  3. i'm afraid of making the wrong choice, and you?