Monday, July 20, 2009





i could make something for them, but i have no time today.
today? a complicated day, a bad day, a lonely day,
a rainy day, a monday. thank god is not a sunday
'cause i'd hate it even more! my friends deserve everything,
unless this day.. so i'd make something for them but tomorrow
or the day after tomorrow or i don't know when!
it doesn't matter, they know i love them
'cause they are the best side of my life,
the no-problem side, the positive side,
the one that gives me only happy times,
just the best side.
i think they deserve much more than being called
just 'friends', but i don't matter, i'm not going to look
for the right word to describe them.
they are what they are, you know.
all you need is love. let it be.
follow your heart's way and don't worry, be happy.
see you.
'ps:i love you!'

(was this too long?)


  1. oii te juro q sos lo mas julsie!!!
    te quiero mucho mucho mucho mi querida amiga!
    feliz dia!!!me encanto en collage!
    te quierooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. ok.. si si.. recien ahora lo leo y te juro que te adoro.. juli vos si que sabes decir las cosas de una forma original.. te adoro y lo sabes julieta maria!! te quiero muchisimo y sos una gran gran amiga.. una verdadera BFF que se que va a estar siempre... TE QUIERO!!